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Ohio Timber Prices
Ohio Timber, Stumpage, Log, Lumber, Veneer & Pulpwood Market Report

Ohio Timber Prices Market Report Services include:

*Hardwood & Pine Sawtimber Stumpage Value Estimates
*Hardwood Grade Sawlog Tally
*Veneer Tally
*Hardwood and Softwood Pulpwood Volumes and Values

Veneer and Hardwood Sawtimber Species: Northern Red Oak, Black Oak,
White Oak, Chestnut Oak, Sugar (Hard) Maple, Red (Soft) Maple, Black Cherry,
Black Walnut, Ash, Yellow (Tulip) Poplar, Hickory, Basswood, Cottonwood, Elm,
Sycamore, Beech and Gum.

Softwood Sawtimber Sawlogs: White Pine, Red Pine, Virginia Pine, Hemlock,
Eastern Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine

Other markets for delivered logs: Scragg Wood, Stave Logs, Peeler Logs, Fence
Logs, Log Cabin Logs, Crating Logs, Handle Logs, Pallet Logs, Chip Logs, Pulpwood
Logs, Mat Logs, Pallet Logs, Tie Logs, Shaving Logs, Blocking Logs

Ohio Timber Prices - Market Overview - FALL/WINTER 2013
October/November 2013

Appalachian - Mixed hardwoods average sawlog prices are up across
Ohio due to increased demand in exports of lumber to China.

White Oak continues to rise in price. It is at its highest price in
several years at $875 per MBF.

Low value hardwoods (beech, sycamore, etc.) are faring better
across the higher log grades. White oak log exports are doing well
reginonally as are green and kiln-dried lumber and veneer sales.
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